Escape Room Reviews from Around the World

Here are some of my favourite escape room games

Escape Rooms are a favourite pastime of mines.

I did  very first escape room around about 6 years ago and have now done over 300 escape games.

I’m eventually going to list the rooms in order of how my I enjoyed them. First I have to come up with a ranking system.

I will mention a few of my favourite escape rooms to get the ball rolling.




My top 5 Escape Rooms in The World

This is an unusual first choice in that these escape rooms aren’t even open yet, but these games have been transported half way around the world from the UK. Their escape rooms were all resident in the UK  but the owners decided to up sticks to New Zealand and take their games with them.

My personal favourite game was The Time Machine, but that only just shaded out their other games. 

These guys have a really cool room where you have to try and stop a Viking invasion. It-s set in a Monk’s study. The object of the game is to save old England.

It’s  gorgeous  looking game,  full of interesting and tricky puzzles and with an innovative twist in the middle . It delivers fun and logical challenges, The set is just a joy to be in. 

No 4. Pier Pressure Brighton

Brighton is an amazing  hubspot for great games. Pier Pressure have gone for slightly unusual local topics. This makes their games totally unique. You travel through many different eras in their games.. going backwards in time .. a Brighton rave Club.. a Mod themed game .. a game set in the Brighton Pavillion. All the games are superb and these guys are really worth a mention

Vilnius might seem a bit off the beaten path for escape room enthusiast’s. It’s a great city to visit . The escape rooms in Vilnius are great for couples. You can do a room or 2 and  then meander through the beautiful old city. A top mention goes out to their DaVinci room. Its stunning to look at and the clues are hidden within minute details somewhat staring you in the face

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